Tribal Edit

ColoRiot by Hology Club is a stunning PFP digital art collectible generated based using superior machine intelligence. This limited edition collection is an incredible amalgamation of Art and Tech. The collection exuberates vivid and bold colours of emotions through disparate portraits of humans and animals.

The ColoRiot Tribal Edit features a stunning assortment of tribal inspired digital avatars of humans and animals generated by revolutionary image diffusion AI engine. This incredible collection of statement pieces are a vibrant depiction of sophisticated machine intelligence that is capable to producing truly unique pieces of digital art.

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ColoRiot | Tribal Edit — 2D and 3D NFT Collectibles

The 2D limited edition features unique portraits of tribal themed humans and animals that double up as stunning PFPs. A limited subset from the 2D collection has also been rendered in interactive 3D format for the metaverse in collaboration with Hology Club. 2D and 3D collectible will be available as ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain

3D NFT variations created with Hology Studio