Asked Questions

What is Hology Club?
What is ColoRiot?
What is ColoRiot | Tribal Edit?
What is ColoRiot 2D/3D NFT Collectible?
What is the Genesis collection?
Which blockchain is Genesis collection the collection minted on?
What is the mint price?
When is the public sale?
Where can I buy Hology NFT?
What is an NFT?
What is ERC 721 Token standard?
What are Gas fee?
What is an Instagram AR Filter?
How do I create a Hology Instagram AR Filter?
How do I access Hology Studio?
What is an Hology Studio access pass?
What is algorithmic art?
What is Hology Studio?
What's next in the roadmap?
How are Hology Holograms created?
Is the Hology team doxxed?
Where is Hology's VR Exhibition?
How do I access spatial gallery?
What format is the 3D NFT file?
How to render Hology NFT in the metaverse?
How can I customize my hologram?
Can I create my own hologram using Hology studio?

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