Hology Studio

Hology Studio is a powerful web-based application to create, enhance and export interactive 3D scenes into a variety of flavors. The beta version of the tool will enable Holo Heroes NFT holders to interact with their 3D asset, enhance the color gamut of their 3D holographic asset, capture high resolution photos, videos, GIFs, and generate uber-cool augmented reality filters for Instagram to flaunt their digital assets. A wide variety of export options are supported by the studio including the ability to create animated GIFs to showcase the NFT as a stunning PFP.

Hology Studio Lab Preview

Studio Pass

Hology NFT ownership doubles up as an access pass to provide unlimited and unrestricted access to Hology Studio. Users will be prompted to connect their Metamask wallet containing Hology NFT to the Studio application during the sign-in process to gain access. This mechanism provides a secure way of enhancing and exporting 3D assets.


Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 16.41.06

Hology Studio Roadmap

Frida Kahlo 3D NFT variations created with Hology Studio